paintless dent removal


For decades now Automotive Dealerships have taken advantage of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) to remove dents and dings from their vehicles. Most consumers are unaware of this although they may be driving a vehicle that had dents removed using PDR, prior to their purchase.
Have you ever had your car dinged or dented while just parked, or hit by a shopping cart, baseball or basketball, or just leaned on just a little too heavily leaving a dent? Did you ever think, “If I could only reach in behind the panel and push, I could pop the dent out?”
That is the same idea behind Paintless Dent Repair. Using specialized tools and materials, I can expertly pull dents out from the outside or reach behind them and work them out, without damaging the paint. In majority of the cases after the repairs are completed, the average person can never tell that a car was ever dented.more